Body Positivity: Notes From a Determined Woman

I read three things, good, bad, and inspiring, in the past week that were served up to me via the body positive sources I have filled my world with. Now I have feelings about them that won't go away so, you're welcome ... 

First the worst

This New York Post article has been doing the rounds, "Why I Won't Date Hot Woman Anymore". The title alone is of course obnoxious, the entitlement, the arrogance, my teeth were grinding before I even read it, and I probably shouldn't have read it at all. I won't go into the long, long list of reasons why it's just unbearable, but I will say that my overwhelming feelings were of disbelief and pity. Who are these people who are choosing their partners, who they're presumably expecting to stay with for many years, purely on their looks? I understand sleeping with someone as a one off because you're superficially attracted to them, but to continue to date that person that you view as a sort of ... human accessory? How is that not soul-sucking? Looks fade and do you really want to be bored for the rest of your life? Don't you want to be cared for, to love, to have fun, and share meaningful experiences with a person you actually like?

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