Gilmore Girls Revival: A Somewhat Cynical Review

Today it is 3C outside and my plan (having not set my alarm and still only managed to sleep til 8:30 ...) is to finally watch the new Gilmore Girls. Not gonna lie, I've been looking forward to this ever since it was announced. It's slightly bittersweet though, half of the anticipation was about watching and dissecting it with my fellow geek who was equally in love with these girls, their sweet town, and odd lives. Much like the Stars Hollow seasons are about to roll by though, they've scooted past in real life too and now I'm in my jim jams, watching it with only a hot chocolate, a pack of marshmallows, and emergency emotional sideswipe kleenex for company. So, dear internet, I figured I'd whack my commentary on this here blog, as I watch. It's a lazy post to be sure but I was so looking forward to it, until it came to watching it without my equally obsessed person, that I'm feeling a little sad about the whole thing honestly, so here goes (spoilers ahead ... obviously):


Photomarathon Sheffield 2016: My Kind of Marathon

On Saturday 8th October I was one of the lucky 150 amateur (that’s me) to professional photographers that got to take part in Sheffield’s inaugural Photo Marathon. Put simply the brief was to take six photos, on six topics, in six hours. Phones or digital cameras could be used (I used my phone), and the photos had to be taken in order of the topics, which presented a unique challenge. The six topics were based on the theme of making, to complement Sheffield’s Year of Making 2016 which has been showcasing Sheffield’s creative community city wide this year. The topics were, in order: Making Shapes, Making a Noise, Making History, Making a Meal, Making Connections, and Making Faces.
Prizes were given for the Winner, Runner Up, and the special pick by Our Favourite Places for each topic (which you can browse here), but the photos of everyone who entered are currently being exhibited in the Millennium Gallery and you should absolutely check it out. So interesting to see Sheffield captured in one day, from so many perspectives.

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